Dental Bonding in Baltimore

Restore & Reshape Your tooth

Dental Bonding in Baltimore

Dental bonding is an excellent option for restoring your smile if you have one or more chipped, uneven, or misshapen teeth. It’s fast, affordable, and non-invasive, making it a good option for most patients. Learn more about this process below, or schedule a consultation now to see if you’re a good candidate at our Baltimore dental office.

Baltimore dental bonding

understanding the basics

what is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a very common cosmetic dentistry treatment. It uses a special type of tooth-colored dental composite, which is made of a blend of powdered glass and dental resin. This is very similar to the composite material that’s used for tooth-colored fillings

However, dental bonding does not usually involve filling a tooth. Instead, the soft, pliable composite material is applied directly to your tooth. Then, Dr. Dawn Merguerian uses special dental tools to shape and sculpt it. Once the overall shape is right, it’s hardened using UV light, and then trimmed and refined to complete the procedure.

This results in a perfectly-shaped tooth that also matches the rest of the adjacent teeth. Bonding is often used to treat minor chips in the teeth, as well as uneven and misshapen teeth, teeth with severe stains, and gaps between your teeth. 

Since it’s non-invasive and does not require the removal of any tooth material, the process is also very fast and can be done in just a single appointment. Dental bonding is also typically much cheaper than comparable treatments like porcelain veneers, so it’s a good option if you are on a budget.

Get the help you need

what do i do if I chip a tooth?

If you chip one of your teeth while eating or due to an oral injury, the first thing that you should do is contact Baltimore Waterfront Dental for a same-day appointment with our dentist in Baltimore. Depending on the extent of the chip, you may be at risk of further complications like tooth decay or a tooth infection.

Once you arrive at our office, Dr. Merguerian will examine your mouth and determine which treatment is suitable for you. For minor chips and cracks, dental bonding can be used to fill up the damaged area and restore the overall shape of the tooth.

However, if the chip goes deeper than the outer layers of the tooth structure, treatment such as root canal therapy and a dental crown may be needed to eliminate the risk of a tooth infection and to cover up and protect the tooth.

Dental bonding in Baltimore office

expected treatment lifespan

is Dental bonding permanent?

Similar to veneers and all other methods of cosmetic dentistry, dental bonding is not considered to be a permanent treatment. It will not last forever. However, dental bonding does have a long lifespan. Combined with its low overall treatment cost, this makes it a great option for restoring your smile.

It’s typical for bonded teeth to last 5-7 years, but some patients may be able to keep their bonded teeth in great shape for 10 years or more. To make sure your newly-bonded teeth last as long as possible, you need to brush and floss regularly, and see Dr. Merguerian for an appointment in Baltimore every six months at Waterfront Dental.

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