Dental Fillings in Baltimore

Restore Damaged & Decayed Teeth

Dental Fillings in Baltimore

If you have a cavity, a filling from our dentist in Baltimore is the best way to restore your smile and your bite, and to prevent further complications like tooth infections. At our metal-free practice, we use the latest techniques and technology to provide lifelike, comfortable, and long-lasting dental fillings. Read on to learn more, or contact us to schedule an appointment with our Baltimore office right away.

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What type of

Fillings do you use?

At Waterfront Dental, Dr. Dawn Merguerian runs a completely metal-free practice. While they are durable and have been used for decades, metal-amalgam fillings do contain mercury, which is a toxic metal, and some European countries have banned its use.

Instead of metal fillings, we use fillings made of dental composite. This is a type of dental resin (plastic) that’s mixed with a unique type of crushed glass to create a durable, strong, and tooth-like filling. Composite fillings can be matched perfectly to the color of the surrounding tooth, which ensures your smile looks perfect after your treatment at Waterfront Dental.

Overall, composite fillings provide a great overall blend of durability, longevity, and beauty, and are our preferred choice for patients who need fillings in Baltimore. 

How long

Will my filling last?

Dental fillings are very long-lasting and durable. Typically, your filling will last up to 10 years with proper at-home dental care. To make sure your filling lasts as long as possible, it’s important to brush and floss properly. Further tooth decay is a leading cause of premature filling failure, so it’s very important to care for your mouth properly after it’s been repaired. 

In addition to this, you should see Dr. Merguerian every six months for a teeth cleaning and oral exam. She will ensure your mouth is healthy and that your filling is in good shape.

Does it hurt

To get a tooth filled?

No. Getting a tooth filled will not hurt at all. Your mouth will be completely numb during the process, so you won’t feel a thing. The procedure is minimally-invasive and very simple. You can even be sedated during this appointment, if you wish to remain more comfortable.

To begin the process, Dr. Merguerian will clean your teeth and numb the treatment area. Then, she will use numbing spray and a needle to inject anesthetic into the treatment site, numbing the nerves completely. 

Once your mouth is numb, she will use a dental drill to begin trimming decayed enamel and damaged tooth material away from your cavity. Once the cavity has been cleaned and trimmed, Dr. Merguerian will choose a tooth-colored composite material, and apply it directly to the cavity.

Using special dental tools, Dr. Merguerian will apply multiple layers of composite material to the cavity, hardening and sculpting the filling material. Once your cavity has been filled, she will check your bite using a special type of paper, and make any final adjustments to ensure the filling fits perfectly. Then, you’ll be sent home to enjoy your newly-repaired tooth.

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