Membership Plan

Stay Within Your Budget

With Our Membership Plans

At Waterfront Dental, we believe that every patient should have access to quality dentistry, whether or not you have dental insurance. For patients without insurance, we offer yearly membership plans to ensure that you and your family get the care you need to maintain optimal dental health.

Our Yearly Membership Plan

Enjoy A Healthy Smile

Stay healthy throughout the year and gain peace of mind with our yearly membership plan for you and your family. Our Basic Plan covers all the preventive care you'll need for the year for one low annual fee while our Perio Plan covers the extra visits you'll need to keep your smile healthy. All plans have access to discounts on additional treatment, so you can smile while you save.

Our Monthly Plan

For Adults & Children

We do our best to take care of all of our patients and offer a variety of membership plans to keep care affordable for you and your family. Call us for more details at (410) 525-5954.

Enjoy Benefits

Membership Plans Include:

Save $250 Annually

Basic Membership

healthy adults $425 / year
Kids $325 / year

  • 2 Exams
  • 1 Emergency Exam (X-rays Included)
  • 2 Cleanings
  • 2 Fluoride Treatments
  • 2 Cancer Screenings
  • 2 Periodontal Screenings
  • 1 Set of Bitewings
  • 1 FMX (Every Five Years)
  • 15% Off Additional Treatments
Save $400 Annually

Perio Membership

$725 / year

  • 2 routine check ups
  • 1 emergency exam
  • 3-4 periodontal maintenance visits per year
  • 2 fluoride varnishes
  • 20% off SRP
  • 15% off any other dental work
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