June 29, 2022

How Safe Is Dental Sedation?


Dental sedation helps millions of people with dental anxiety or special needs get the dental care they need without discomfort or stress. While there are a variety of sedatives available that can be administered to a patient while they are conscious or unconscious, you’re probably wondering how safe it is to be sedated in the first place. 

Read on in this blog from Waterfront Dental to find out why dental sedation in Baltimore is perfectly safe for most people. 

Determining If You’re a Good Candidate

Dental sedation is considered safe when administered by a professional and qualified dentist who is experienced in administering dental sedation. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone is an appropriate candidate for it. We will need to review your medical history and know about any medications you are taking before approving you for dental sedation. 

Certain sedatives are stronger than others and carry more risks. Less people will be suitable for these sedatives compared to the milder ones. Pregnant women should inform their dentist that they are pregnant because some sedatives are deemed unsafe and should be avoided unless necessary. 

If you take certain medications or supplements, these could have a negative or conflicting interaction with sedation medication, so we will need to know what you are taking. We will also give you instructions on what you need to avoid before receiving sedation, such as pain relievers.

Monitoring You During Your Appointment

After administering a sedative, we will monitor your reaction as well as your vitals during your appointment. Not everyone responds to sedatives in the same way, even with comparable height, weight, and demographics, everyone is different. 

If the sedative is not kicking in, we can adjust the concentration of the sedative. We will also be monitoring your heart rate and breathing. This is especially important if you are receiving general anesthesia because you will require breathing assistance through a tube.

The Safest Sedative

Nitrous oxide is considered the safest sedative because it is also the mildest. It is an oral conscious form of sedation which means that you are fully awake and aware of your surroundings when its administered. 

You simply inhale this sedative through a nasal mask and we can quickly remove the sedative from your body within a few minutes. As the sedatives become deeper and you are put into a state of sleep or unconsciousness, the associated risks also increase. 

Oral conscious sedation is an anti-anxiety pill that is swallowed about an hour before your appointment. This is a slightly deeper form of sedation but is still considered safe for most people. 

Fewer people are suitable candidates for more intense sedation because it is important that you're in good health, aren’t of advanced age, and don't take any interfering medication. Even though IV sedation and general anesthesia are riskier than the conscious forms of sedation, they are still substantially safe when performed by a qualified dentist.

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