October 26, 2022

Why You Should Deal With A Dental Emergency Quickly


If you’re very sick or injured, you obviously need to go to the emergency room to get treated by a doctor right away. While when it comes to your physical health you may not hesitate to seek emergency services, with dental health it’s a different matter entirely.

Many people may not even know they are dealing with a dental emergency, and prefer to wait it out and self-medicate, hoping this episode will pass on its own.

Here’s why this is not a good idea.

Why You Should Never Ignore a Dental Emergency

You never know how serious a toothache, crack, or other issues are unless you see a dentist for an emergency appointment. Without swift treatment, it’s very likely for your condition to get worse, which means it might require ever more extensive treatment or even increase your risk for permanent tooth loss.

Other great reasons to never ignore a dental emergency can include:

  • It’s the only way to remove your pain and discomfort;
  • The quicker you address your dental emergency, the easier the treatment may be;
  • You can avoid further dental complications such as an infection;
  • You can restore your peace of mind.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Now that you know why you should never ignore a dental emergency, let’s quickly go over some examples of dental issues that may require immediate attention:

  • Toothache - One of the most common signs that your dental health needs more attention is a toothache. If the pain is persistent and maybe doesn’t even go away with OTC pain medication, then you should see the dentist as soon as possible;
  • Knocked-out teeth - If you are in an accident, fall, or suffer any direct blow to the mouth and your tooth gets knocked out, you have a dental emergency on your hands. The sooner you see a dentist, the more chances you have of successful implantation and avoiding permanent tooth loss. Find the tooth and keep it in an airtight container with milk to protect it until you get to the dental practice;
  • Abscess formation - An abscess is a sign of a really bad dental infection. Usually, people who experience abscess formation also have severe pain and swelling. Tooth infections are serious conditions that need treatment right away since the infection can spread to other tissues in the body such as the jawbone.

Dealing with a Dental Emergency? We Can Help

If you’re experiencing high levels of pain, swelling, knocked-out teeth, some bleeding, or any other condition that may need immediate attention, don’t wait for a regular appointment. Baltimore dentist Dr. Dawn Merguerian can see you for an emergency dental appointment and can help get your oral health back in top shape and reduce your discomfort.

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