Is IV Sedation Safe? Everything You Need To Know About Sedation Dentistry

But is IV sedation safe? Is it right for you? In this blog, we’ll break down the basics and benefits of IV sedation at our office, and give you the answers you need.‍

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What Should I Do If I Chip Or Crack My Tooth?

A chipped or cracked tooth is a serious dental emergency, and requires immediate care from a dentist like Dr. Dawn Merguerian. Find out what to do if you chip or crack your tooth, and be prepared!

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What Can I Do To Get The Most From My Dental Insurance Policy?

If you’re sending a dental insurance company money every month for your premiums, you probably want to make sure you get the most out of your coverage. That’s only natural! And in this blog from Waterfront Dental, we’ll discuss a few of the steps you can take to do just that. Read on and learn with us.

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How Healthy Teeth Can Help You Resist COVID-19 & Other Infectious Diseases

It may seem a bit strange to say that your oral health can actually help you resist COVID-19 and other viruses like the common cold and the flu, but it’s true! Wondering how this is possible, and how to keep your smile healthy and resist COVID-19? Learn more from Waterfront Dental now.

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Do Wisdom Teeth Always Have To Be Extracted?

Wisdom teeth are often extracted after they erupt, but they don’t always have to be pulled if they’re not causing any issues. In this blog from Waterfront Dental, we’ll discuss a few common questions and topics related to wisdom teeth extractions, and help you understand if your wisdom teeth may need to be extracted in Baltimore.

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Understanding HIPAA And How We Protect Your Privacy

At Waterfront Dental, Dr. Dawn Merguerian takes your privacy very seriously, which is why we do everything we can to conform to HIPAA regulations. 

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Welcome to Waterfront Dental!

Dr. Merguerian spent a lot of time in a dental office while she was growing up. When she was 13, she started working at her father’s practice where she would file charts, write postcards, and type ledgers. She helped her dad at his dental office for years until she went on to attend University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery for her DDS.

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